Project Description

LM-354 Horizontal Type Heel Setting Machine With Double Cooler And Heater


Description And Features

LM-354  Horizontal type  heel setting machine with double cooler and heater

1. This machine is equipped with two coolers and heaters with high production and efficiency.

2. The temperature of the inner and outer hot die can be adjusted individually. It is suitable for the heating requirements of upper and liner made from different materials.

3. After molding the heel, the liner is leveled and sticks to the upper intensely. In this way, they are not separated easilt. It can also improve the quality and decrease the  failure rate.

4. The design of the machine is simple and convenient.

5. The fixtures can be used for adjusting the stroke and it suits for all kinds of shoes.

6. The die can be made according to customer’s requirement to acquire the most accurate effect.

7. The special opposite die can reshape the defective products, eliminate the wrinkles and increase the beauty of the shoes.

8. The design of the environmental cooling system is unique with high efficiency and fast freezing speed. The temperature of the evaporator can reach above 20 degree within 10  minutes.

9. It is controlled by microcomputer to get more accurate tempetature and convenient operation.

Shipping And Production Lead Time

Production Lead Time: Regular 10-35 days according to quantity after every detail information is confirmed.


LM-354 Horizontal type  heel setting machine with double cooler and heater Technical Parameter



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